The warrior

Five years and counting


So what's a girl to do when they meet a warrior?  Do you sit back in awe, observing their power, or do you approach and ask why they fight?  Thanks to Living Beyond Breast Cancer and The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation, I was given such an opportunity.  I came face to face with Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor, mother, marketing executive and paddle boarding officinado Ricki Fairley. 

Hanging with Triple Negative survivor/warrior Ricki  Fairley & her girlfriend/supporter❤️

Part of a panel that included medical and therapeutic experts, as well as fellow survivors, Ricki passionately spoke about her doctors grim initial prognosis after being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Witty with a confident, self aware sense of humor, Ricki joined Living Beyond Breast Cancer and The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation to provide an informative live platform and accompanying  live stream to over 400 + participants, who wanted to get the latest news regarding Triple Negative Breast Cancer - 360: Waiting for The Future.

Coinciding with and spot lighting National Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day, on the evening of March 3, 2016 - Ricki explained to the captive audience, that with vital medical care,  not only was she was one of the lucky, resilient and "blessed" five year Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivors  (the magic number for those diagnosed with TNBC), but also made the decision to reinvent her life and do away with all major stressors (which included a husband and business partners). 

I asked Ricki if she believed the decision to banish major stress inducing factors in her life, played a significant role in her recovery and subsequent clean bill of health.  Ricki confirmed the elimination of stress definitely improved her quality of life and spearheaded the process of "cleaning" house while undergoing chemotherapy, ultimately resulting in her reinvention.

A self described fearless woman, Ricki is a staunch supporter of early detection,  and Triple Negative Breast Cancer patients having a voice when formulating a treatment plan.  Committed to spreading the importance of women accessing health care and early breast cancer screenings, Ricki spoke vehemently about getting a second opinion upon diagnosis, doing research, obtaining as much information as one can and "fighting for yourself!"  The words of  a true warrior. 

For more information on Ricki Fairley, you can check out the link to a previous interview with Hello Beautiful or check her out on Twitter & IG@RickiDove

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