Finally, I completed reconstruction!

This was truly an unexpected surprise.  

The power of forgiveness is really something else.  It can open doors, improve your health, bring an enormous amount of self awareness and really make you happy.  I say this because, it's the only way that I could have found closure, and the allow the universe to send me a gift, which led to where I am right now, recovering after finally receiving my breast implants.

So at the end of 2015 I was a bitter soul, unhappy, betrayed and totally feeling overwhelmed.  But somehow, I understood that in order for me to survive, I had to take that destructive energy and turn it around, use it to do some good and basically turn my life around.  

Taking my palms and turning them upwards, to grasp the cool air I released the anger.  Just let go.  It reminded me of when I went skiing and took my first lesson as an adult on the baby slopes.  Just let go my instructor said, and fall like a child and that's what I did.  That one act put me on a path that was exciting, funny, rich, passionate, educational, reflective and humbling.

Letting go of the anger and choosing to channel the energy into something meaningful allowed me to lift my head and see a whole new world of possibilities, and meet a crowd of people who were smart, innovative, witty, dedicated, caring and bold.  Turning that gut rotting bitterness into a ray of curious sunshine allowed me to see into a whole new world of survivors, their families, their friends, their providers and for some their legacies.  

It allowed me to lift my head and recognize that I could trust, and I could share despite the devastating experience I'd been thru.  And on that warm fall day, I let my guard down and shared my experience, wanting nothing more but to return the respect of a fellow survivor who I had interviewed.  Her ability to share her experience, so openly, without restrictions challenged me to open up and face the circumstances I had been dealt, but not addressing.

That small leap of faith, over a warm cup of tea led me to take a chance, turn my head into the wind and push forward, when I was quite satisfied, fighting the battle for everyone else.  

So I took here recommendation and boom, here I am sitting here recovering after receiving my implants!  I swear I can't believe it, it's like running a marathon or waking up from a reoccuring dream, finally realizing that I did it.  

I will provide more details, and a checklist of stuff on now to prepare and get thru breast reconstruction surgery.  Useful tips that you may find helpful when preparing to take your own journey.  In the interim, I've to got to continue to plan, keep snagging interviews, keep chatting it up with those in the trenches and sharing the information.

When I set forth creating this blog, it has and will always remain a space for people to grab information and use it.  Little did I know that the process would lead me to such dynamic souls, in all forms, who would introduce, educate and serve up life's lesson, in uncanny, unpredictable and amazing ways.

I am so humbled by the experience that it actually quiets me.  I can't put into words how thankful I am.  So today I cry, but not because I'm sad, no I'm eternally thankful.  Special thanks to fellow survivor Junice for offering up the recommendation.  You have no idea how that one gesture impacted my life, in such an enormous way.  Your spirit and determination were the calling card, which opened the door and allowed me to step thru.  Your plastic surgeon, who is now my plastic surgeon, says that "Your spirit and attitude are the best". 

Thank you!