Who is this beautiful zany creature?

Hey!  My name is Karen and thru no fault of my own I am a two time cancer survivor.  I was diagnosed as toddler with Wilms Tumor(subsequently had my right kidney removed ) and as an adult with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. 

I was born in the good ole commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and moved to the Boogie Down Bronx, in New York City at the age of eight.  After finishing my education and graduating with a B.A. from Lehman College I settled down just a few miles south, in the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem located in upper Manhattan.  Shortly thereafter I gave birth to my beautiful son Nigel.

After spending several years in supportive administrative positions at various radio and television networks, I reinvented myself and began a career in education,  advising and managing student academic careers.  Eventually I transitioned over and began facilitating group and individual counseling to students, families and educators in the communities of Brighton Beach Brooklyn and Rockaway Beach Queens, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Fortunately after ending my assignments in the beach communities, I was able to segue into a counseling position based at high school in Harlem, providing guidance to families and students.  I really enjoyed serving my community and took pride in bridging the gap between those in need and local support services.

My personal interests include travel (I love the whole process of researching different cultures, before I take a trip) and riding my bike.    One of my favorite pastimes includes riding the trail that hugs the Hudson River, from the Little Red Lighthouse in Washington Heights, and ending the ride with a beautiful view of the Statue of Liberty at Battery Park.

My guilty pleasure is comedy, and I have been told my signature cackle is infectious.  Yes indeed!  I really enjoy a good laugh and can squeeze out humor in the most surreal environments.  Laughter represents a necessary stress reliever, and without it, life's difficult moments would be such a drag.  You'll see some examples of that if you check out my blog posts. 

Sadly, cancer runs in my family and my maternal grandmother passed away from Breast and Ovarian cancer before the age of 50.  I began getting mammograms in my late 20's and am a firm believer of self exams, promoting breast cancer awareness and staying in tune with my body.  

Lastly, I hope that you will find the content that I provide useful.

Thanks for checking out my page and please free to spread the word about my blog.