Chemo Angels

My mailbox never looked so good!

So do you know someone who is currently undergoing cancer treatment?  If so I personally can vouch for a organization that brought me huge comfort with small, angelic like gestures.

While I was undergoing treatment and searching for ways to find relief, I came upon a organization that matches chemo patients with volunteers who send cards.  That's right, straight snail mail at it's best.  Chemo Angels is a program that offers support to those who are undergoing IV Chemo Treatment for cancer.  Volunteer's "buddy up" with patients receiving chemo and send them greeting cards, letters, small gifts and post cards filled with inspirational and uplifting messages. 

My chemo angels were two extremely kind women (Chemo Angel 1 - Midwest, Chemo Angel 2 West Coast), who provided weeks of funny, poignant, insightful and inspirational banter thru regular mail.  Chemo Angel 1 from the Midwest wrote motivating and comforting words that I would often refer to in my darkest days of chemo, especially towards the end of treatment when my body started to collapse under the heavy weight of chemo drugs, pulmonary embolism, anxiety and fatigue. Chemo Angel 1 would send little, simple but meaningful gifts that indicated she was definitely in tune with what was going on in my life.  Such a sweetie!  Chemo Angel 2 was extremely talented and had a knack for creating custom made cards that reflected the season (spring and summer) and provided cute and funny captions, a wonderful distraction on the zaniest of days.   Eventually my glass table was overflowing with colorful greeting and post cards that gave me a sense genuine support and understanding.  Truly priceless.  Below are just a couple of the numerous cards I received from my two special chemo angels. 

My mailbox overflowed with love.  Just a few of the cards I received from my chemo angels.

Post cards, greeting cards, note chemo angels rocked!!!!!

I would highly recommend the Chemo Angels program for anyone whose going thru the process of chemo during cancer treatment.  Please feel free to click on the link and pass along this really helpful support program.