The Chef....speaks

Food Heals!

What's a girl to do when she is need of some serious food education?  Spend a little time with the bright and bubbly expert Carly Wertheim.  Carly, founder of Carly's Wellness Kitchen, is a chef and culinary wellness educator. A life-long food, health and sustainability enthusiast, Carly brings her passion and knowledge to the kitchen, where she teaches her clients how to shop for and cook with health-supportive foods.

So what did I learn in this lunch hour food presentation?  Well Chef Carly dropped a few gems that caught me by surprise and left me with a load of information to make better choices at the supermarket and when preparing meals at home. Some of the jewels Chef Carly dropped included:

  • The goal should be to create an environment that is not hospitable to cancer. That's right, don't make a comfortable cozy home for cancer to possibly thrive in. Be difficult, down right rude & encourage those nasty cancer cells to keep it moving, the no vacancy sign blinking bright & blazing!  How?  Well, Chef Carly recommends :
  1. Decrease of inflammation 
  2. Reduce oxidative stress
  3. Control/reduce blood sugar
  4. Regulate Gene Expression 

Alright, let me try & break this down. Better yet, let's hear what Chef Carly has to say.

So a little confused on Epigenics? Well it's basically the study of food and the effect it has on our genes.  

Below is a link to a articles explaining Epigenics and how what we eat effects our genes switching on and off and doing their job of fighting diseases. Basically scientist think that our diet plays a huge role in how our genes work in relation to promoting an overall healthy or not so healthy environment.

Watch as Chef Carly breaks down diet, high insulin levels, fiber and its relations to cancer.

Chef Carly had a quick passionate take on the benefits of broccoli.


Finally, Chef Carly indulged the group with a little culinary artistry, pulling together a simple & fresh Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad.  Now, I am not a fan of califlower but Chef Carly may have just introduced a tasty option to my salad bar!  It was actually refreshing and had a variety of zesty flavors that worked really well together.  Below is the recipe .

The final product (really tasted good)




You can check out more of what Chef Carly Wertheim is doing in the Wellness Kitchen by clicking on the link below.