Warmth & Renewal!

Renewal in the pool

You know that old saying "You don't miss something until it's gone?"  Lord knows, I remember when I craved to move, prayed to move & begged my body to move.  Some days it was like putting one foot in front of the other (stiff like a mummy) & sometimes I was able to dance, bike and twirl my way into a real nice, zany zone. 

Well, the one thing that I wanted to do, but was prohibited from doing was swimming and water exercise.  My chemo port (a small disc made of plastic/metal that sits just under the skin, attached to a small thin catheter/tube that connects the port to a large vein, in which chemo meds are given)  kept me from hitting the water, like love to do.

Finally,  after getting the all clear from my medical oncologist, I was able to hang out with a very special group of spunky gals.  My quest for water time led to dedicated instructor Teri Dupy, at the community based organization JCC & their "Renewal" water exercise program for women managing the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis.  I spotted Teri on NY1's News segment, NY'er of The Week.

I was warmly greeted on a Thursday morning by Teri at the JCC's therapy pool. Separate from the main pool (where I spotted swimmers gamely putting in work, covering laps) I happily slipped into the hydrolic  pool, warmed to a mid 90 degree temp, with beautiful views, afforded by huge floor to ceiling windows. Teri took her post at the top of the pool & the entire group slowly descended into relaxing, waist deep water (then again I'm 5ft 9"). Teri demonstrated  the various moves, and encouraged  the group to keep proper form & enjoy the moment.  Oh, yes & there was a lil music too, - ha!  A zany but controlled game of water volleyball followed by a zen like cool down, completed the session. 

Getting my Renewal on!


The "Renewal" class at the JCC definitely lifted my spirits & fullfilled my need to switch up my workout routine. I'd definitely encourage anyone to look around their community to see if water excercise is offered (and if it's free or low cost for those with a cancer diagnosis). 

To learn more about the JCC's water "Renewal" class please check out the link below.