The Restorers - P. Ink

Celebrating life with P. Ink on the eve of Pink Tattoo Day 2016

*Note -Hi guys.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Please excuse the short hiatus from interview posting, takes a moment and I've been dedicating most of my brain power to school and a whole new language (coding) and it's been really interesting but super challenging.  Classes have finished and I can now get back to fun stuff, like providing you guys with content on whats happening in this movement called breast cancer awareness!! -

So let's get back to the good stuff.  

On October 29, 2016 I had the pleasure to take part in a celebratory/reflective meet and greet at one of the world's premiere lingerie designer's La Perla.  You see the provider of sexy undergarments, perfumes other beautiful accessories,  was playing host (with a little introduction & match making by your's truly) for a wonderful evening of reflection and thanks to acknowledge the wonderful work done by P.Ink (Personal Ink).

Founded by a group of Boulder based add agency execs (CP+B), P.Ink is a resource that brings breast cancer survivors together with tattoo artists who have something to give.  The magical combination provides survivors the opportunity to reclaim their sexuality, increase their self confidence and explore creativity, while offering the tattoo artist the platform to showcase their unique artistry as well as give back to a charitable cause. All of which is donated and free of charge.  

P. Ink Day takes place annually  every October.  Breast cancer survivor's are encouraged to submit their story to P.Ink for consideration in the hopes of becoming one of lucky one's who teamed up with a tattoo artist to create a custom made presentation that is unique, a tattoo that's unique to each survivor who participates in the program.  P.Ink's tattoo day takes place in over a dozen cities in the United States and Canada and is overseen by the organizations' leader Noel Franus.

For more information on P.Ink's annual tattoo day or to contribute (and sponsor a breast cancer survivor's tattoo) please click on the link below.  Oh yeah, I included a couple of shots from the meet and greet with past participants, brand new participants, staff and the generous and talented tattoo artist who donated their time and creativity to a wonderful cause that definately changes lives. 


With the staff of P.Ink celebrating at the Meet & Greet for Pink Tattoo Day


With the fabulous hostess at La Perla in SOHO NY.  Big Thanks.

Survivors, artists and staff giving thanks and reflecting at the meet & greet on the eve of P.Ink's NYC Tattoo Day.

Yes!!!!!  Ms. Joy mom, supporter and one of the tattoo artist giving back.  Donating time at for P.Ink Tattoo day at her shop in Queens NYC, Trinity Tattoo Collective .  Check her out, she's good!

Your's truly, La Perla host and a fellow survivor, acting up and celebrating life and Halloween at P.Ink's meet & greet.

With the founder & P.Ink founder Noel Franus.