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Lingerie offerings on the floor @ Nordstom

Ruthlyn was kind enough to show me the swim prosthesis options for those who want it!.  The consultation was an eye opener for me.  Glad to see that for those who've had breast surgery, without reconstruction , the option is available!

So, did you know that professional bra fitters for women who have undergone breast surgery existed?  Did also know that some health insurance companies will pay for bras and alterations for women who were diagnosed with breast cancer?  Well, after consulting an expert, I realized my bra game is about to change and for the better!  Frankly,  I thought I'd be relegated to a dull, simple brand for life.   Certified Fit Specialist Ruthlyn Lewis, who holds down the lingerie department at Nordstrom, put a stop to my train of thought and schooled me to what's really good in the world of lingerie.

Making my way over to the Nordstrom located at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey, I was warmly greeted by Ruthlyn.  Although I was several days late for my appointment (due to the blustery winter blizzard of 2016), Ruthlyn's professionalism and customer service made shopping for bras, fun and easy!  Ruthlyn was quick to point out that she is a Certified Fit Specialist, with specialized training and over three years experience.  Here are some of the highlights Ruthlyn covered: 

  • You can come, browse the floor and any bra that has been selected, can be altered to accommodate a prosthesis (small pockets are sewn into the garment to provide a secure hold for a sleek fit).  That's right, there's no need to feel restricted.  Ruthlyn encouraged me to hit the floor, look at all the options and try them on.  So whether your undergoing reconstruction/plastic surgery like me, ( yup shooting for a new pair of gravity defying girls), wearing a prosthesis or have had some form of breast surgery, you've got lingerie choices. 
  • A certified fit specialist will act as a personal shopper, assisting with choosing the right lingerie for your comfort and educating you on the differences ( for example: bra vs bralette, sports vs surgical) and styles (push up, plunge and my new favorite demi cup, just to name a few).  Whether your looking for an extra soft, no wire option with lots of coverage or as Ruthlyn pointed out,  want something exciting for "entertaining",  you've got choices.
  • The Certified Fit Specialist will measure you (by request) and ask what your needs are.  Low and behold, after I was properly measured Ruthlyn informed me that the width of my back was not as large as I thought (opening up a plethora of options)!
  • The lingerie department at Nordstrom also provides a variety of prosthesis for purchase, including options for swimming (yes, you can get your pool and beach on, and be really cute without drawing attention)
  • Some insurance companies will cover the cost of bras and prosthesis (please contact your health insurance company to discuss your policy to clarify coverage)

So, long story short there are lingerie options, and some insurance companies will foot the costs.  What do you think, is it nice to have options or are you just content & happy with keeping it simple?   Let me know.